BeadaPanel FAQs

1. How does this display show up on windows, is it a second display where my mouse can move over to it or is it completely locked and my mouse can't go to it?

Answer:Two use scenarios related:

A typical(default) scenario is customer plug the screen to PC and then Windows will recognize it as a WinUSB device. Many apps like AIDA64 can directly communicate with this device and render info/chart to. Your mouse will never be able to move over to it in this case. Second scenario, one can install a Windows graphics driver. With the driver installation, the screen will work as a Windows secondary monitor.

2. How to shutoff pre-loaded videos and backlight when PC going to sleep?


BeadaPanel will go into photo frame mode if disconnect from AIDA64. In the mode it will automatically play media files preloadded in it's internal storage space. There is a so called software 'BeadaTools' for access of BeadaPanel internal storage. After running that tool, BeadaPanel will appear as a USB memory drive on your PC. You can load/delete those media files on the drive and further more, you can edit it's animation.ini file to configure behavior of photo frame function.